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“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun”

- Albert Einstein

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Interior Design

Our creative process is all about inclusion and the layering of design. We create timeless interiors that are individually harmonious for their locations and all cultural sensitivities. We apply meticulous attention to all aspects of the design process and create Interior Design that is suited to all our client’s’ individual needs. 

FFE Services

FF&E Design

Our FF&E designers have exquisite styles that will elevate the design by carefully selecting the materials that bring the interior spaces to life. With MEA's knowledge of textiles, furniture, and lighting we bring a full comprehensive service. Our designers also create bespoke items by collaborating with artists and artisans  across the globe in over  21 countries.


Technical Design

Details are the key of a successful design. Our design team ensures a high quality of commercial CAD drawings which can be used both by the contractors and suppliers. Our standards are established over 30 years across our global projects ensuring that the design is implemented to the highest quality.


Styling & Art

Our designers continue the creative journey with the personal touches that gives each project its own unique story. At MEA we create both art collections and styling accessories working. closely with artists across the globe. We offer a number of design services for graphics, bespoke uniforms and signage all tailored with distinctive styles.

Our designers combine over thirty years of experience within the hospitality design industry across four continents.
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