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FF&E Design

FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) has an important role in the design of all our projects. It’s an interactive process that starts early on in the design phases. It’s all about layering. At MEA our designers have an ability to create a feeling through textures, fabrics, and lighting while understanding how they will impact the interiors and guests’ interaction. Combining a knowledge of the latest products and our hospitality experiences, we can select the best materials to use in terms of their functionality and we have an understanding of how the right volumes and scale affect the overall spaces.

Bespoke Furniture

We Create Bespoke furniture items by working closely with artisans and suppliers across the globe in over 21 countries. At MEA we believe in the power of bespoke design to elevate any space. Every piece we create is built from scratch for a specific space, and uniquely design for each project. We can customize each item in various ways using the finest quality of finishes delivery that personal touch for our clients. Our designers produce technical drawings and we visit each stage of the development in the workshops prior to the final production. The results are beautiful, glamorous, and make your project stand out.

Bespoke Lighting

Customised and bespoke lighting is tailored uniquely for our projects providing our spaces with a creative freedom to make the lighting stand out. We work closely with artisan and suppliers across the globe to achieve the best results. We can customize each item in various ways in terms of colour, scale and materials for each project. We are involved with each stage of the design development with the workshops, prior to the final production. The   results are beautiful and striking, like shinning jewels that make your project stand out.

Bespoke Rugs
& Carpets

Designing rugs and carpets has always been a personal passion of our Creative director Michelle Evans. Conceptual to Creation Michelle has quickly changed the face of the rug industry with her unique designs that have won her over 16 international design awards. Exhibiting from Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Germany and Venice Biennale, Michelle has established a solid reputation for her Avant Garde and ground breaking textural designs. Her is to create a three dimensional artwork that become a two dimensional object in the interior, that evokes a personal emotion.

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