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Interior Design

Our professional Designers combine over thirty years within the Hospitality Industry and are passionate about creating timeless modern spaces that respond to the sense of place and our clients visions. Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior spaces, balanced with key architectural planning. Each project is unique, and here at MEA we create bespoke experiences. We respond to the individual architecture, site, and cultural elements with all operational requirements.


Good architectural planning is a key role as forms follow function and it is an essential element for all aspects of safety and usage for the guests. We first listen to your requirements and determine your preferences for the spaces. We focus both equally on the functionality of a space and also its aesthetics. At MEA, our professional team create space planning with a cohesive understanding, we specialize both in designing new spaces and in refurbishing existing spaces.

Concept Design

Concept Design is the creative process to tell your story. We bring your vision into reality with a central theme that brings the design elements together. At MEA our concept designs are a visual story that evokes a specific mood by strategically using color, space and style. Our designers work with  3D renderings by hand or with CGI,s showing selected choices, from materials to furniture with your design goals in mind.

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