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Product Styling

Styling is just one small component of design which we create as another added layer to our interior spaces. At MEA our approach is to balance the function, form and aesthetics to get the best possible results. We create individually designed and fully bespoke tailored uniforms that your staff would be proud to wear. In addition we also offer full design services for graphics and signage from concepts to technical packages, all tailored with their own distinctive style. We review prototypes sampling and are involved with all stages of the design to give you a full comprehensive service.

Bespoke Artworks

Art plays a key role in all our projects which help us to tell the design story, by bringing bold elements into the spaces we create. They are a focal point, whether they are installed traditionally or designed as a bespoke mural on a featured  wall. They act as a backdrop for many of our projects and we are passionate about over scaled artworks. Be Bold and be Brave is our philosophy as Art will always inspire you and sometimes magically surprise you. Our designers create both art collections and styling accessories for all your projects needs. We prepare full specifications and work closely with artists from across the globe.

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